What are the ‘Guns’?

Our iconic ‘Guns’ reports have become more than just essential reading, but major industry assets that are often quoted by mainstream media as soon as they are published by Shopping Centre News; however, only subscribers may read the full reports.
There are four reports published annually:
• Big Guns
• CBD Guns
• Little Guns
• Mini Guns

Big Guns are major regional shopping centres with a GLA (Gross Lettable Area) of more than 50,000m2.
The annual Big Guns report is published in March.

CBD Guns are city retail centres with a GLA less than 50,000m2.
The annual CBD Guns report is published end of May.

Mini Guns are neighbourhood shopping centres with a GLA more than 6,000m2 up to 20,000m2.
The annual Mini Guns report is published end of September.

Little Guns are sub-regional shopping centres with a GLA more than 20,000m2 up to 50,000m2.
The annual Little Guns report is published end of November.

These Guns reports rank shopping centres by:
GLA: Gross Lettable Area. Includes the trading area of all tenants located at the centre.
MAT: Moving Annual Turnover ($ million).
MAT/m2: Total retail sales of the centre divided by the retail area from which the retail sales were derived.
Specialty MAT/m2: Total retail sales for trade reporting tenants with a GLA below 400m2, divided by the retail area from which the retail sales were derived.
Note – Mini Gun centres are not ranked by Specialty MAT/m2.

Other information included in the Guns reports includes:

• Centre owner and management company
• Asset value
• Traffic per year
• Average spend per visit
• Majors, cinemas,  mini majors
• Number of specialties
• Number of car parks
• Centre Manager
• Marketing Manager
• Leasing Manager

SCN Premium members receive the Guns reports in printed hard copy as well as online.

The online version also includes the ‘Analysis Tool’: an interactive table where you can search and sort by various fields.

If you are not a Premium member and would like to access the Guns reports, please contact us to upgrade your membership.

If you are a Premium member, you may access the online Guns reports below:

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