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Shopping Centre News is the voice of the shopping centre industry. It is the only shopping centre magazine in Australia and is generally regarded as ‘required reading’ in the industry; we find its adverts are as keenly read as its editorial content. Shopping Centre News is in the ‘information business’, and is perceived as such by its readers.

SCN has an industry reputation as a quality magazine: authoritative, accurate and independent. Most large corporations have reached the conclusion by now that there are companies that are ‘information rich’, and those that are ‘information poor’. The former is a prime requisite for survival, the latter a recipe for failure. Progressive companies want information, and SCN provides it with authority.

Current subscribed circulation is about 2,500, and we estimate the publication has a readership of at least 8:1 readers:subscribers; therefore we estimate a readership of 20,000-plus.

Shopping Centre News is circulated throughout Australia and New Zealand, with an increasing contingent of subscribers overseas (USA, Japan, South East Asia and Europe).

Subscribers pay annually and SCN has an impressive renewal (subscription) rate in excess of 95%. In addition to renewals, new subscribers are at a constant increase.

Subscribers include nearly all the Centre Managers in Australia, Marketing Managers and Operational Staff at centre level, etc. At Head Office level, it is read by Senior Executives (whose portfolios contain Retail Property); Retail Investors and of course Retailers (both major chains and major retailers); Financial and Property Analysts; Owners and Investors; Fund Managers; Real Estate Agents and Valuers; Architects; Designers; and suppliers to the industry – shopfitters, construction, cleaners, security, etc. The magazine follows the ‘rifle’ approach rather than the ‘scattergun’ method, targeting decision-makers and those directly involved in the retail/shopping centre industry.

  • Reach all the decision-makers in the shopping centre industry
  • Benefit from a highly targeted approach
  • Maximise your advertising dollar by reaching the right people
  • Pair your message with an ‘information-based’ publication
  • Communicate directly to subscribers who read the adverts
  • Add value since SCN issues have a shelf-life of up to 12 months.
  • Join over 90% of all major shopping centre players,who advertise in SCN.

For advertising enquiries please contact Adam Damian on (+61) 02 9555 7494 or via email.